15 Things I Stopped Buying to Save Money Every Day

To save money you have to look at what you are buying

My friends and family often tell me I’m good with money – and I’ve always been. They often ask me: “How do you save money?” There are multiple reasons why I’m good with money. I like searching for ways to save money and I have multiple passive income streams. But when thinking more in-depth about the actual reason why I save so much money… it’s because I don’t spend much.

Not sure what to cut from your budget?

Saving money can be hard at any time, but it is particularly difficult when you’re broke or living paycheck to paycheck. If you can barely pay your bills, saving money is probably one of the last things you can afford.

I save A LOT by being mindful and thoughtful about my spending. But I don’t cut off the things I enjoy, living frugally doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all day and can never enjoy life. Instead, I pay attention to the unnecessary purchases that don’t make me feel happy and cost a lot.

So, here are the things I stopped buying to save money every day!

1. Coffee and Drinks

Purchasing drinks at your favorite coffee place daily will make you lose a lot of money over time. The next time you crave caffeine, consider making your own with a coffee machine and leak-proof travel mug. This best-selling coffee machine makes great espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

2. Women’s Razors

Products specifically targeted for women are usually way more expensive than men’s. Even though they are the same product, insane! This is what many people refer to as the “pink tax”. That’s why I always buy men’s razors for example. This one by Gillette to be more specific. Try looking at product prices individually instead of looking at pretty packaging and gender.

3. Bottled Water

By no longer buying plastic water bottles you will help reduce the plastic garbage dump and save money at the same time. Instead, use a pretty and durable reusable water bottle that you can refill. I am blessed to live in a country with excellent water quality. If you are not, you can buy a water filter. I use my insulated water bottle every single day. Make sure to buy one that can contain ice cold and hot water. I love drinking my tea hot from the bottle.  It will also help you to drink more water daily.

4. Expensive Cosmetic Products

I don’t use a lot of makeup, I make sure all my makeup fits in a small toiletry bag. If you’re really big on makeup, go you! But if you’re like me and can’t tell the difference between high-end products or a $4.99 Essence mascara, try limiting yourself on how much you spend on makeup.

5. Haircuts

I have thick and wavy hair, which never looked good when I got it done at the hairdresser. I used to get haircuts every 3-4 months at $30/visit. That would be roughly $90 each year. Ever since I started cutting it myself my hair looks way better and I save almost $100 each year. I learned to cut my own hair by following YouTube tutorials. I use this cutting method and this pair of scissors to cut my own wavy thick hair.

6. Takeout Food and Dining

I like to keep takeout and dining at restaurants for special occasions like birthdays. Instead, I cook at home.

Here are a few tips that will help you cook more at home:

  • Instant Pot. An Instant Pot will make your life so much easier! It’s really easy and fast to cook food from scratch. Budget meals like handmade soups, beans, rice are crazy easy to cook using the Instant Pot.
  • Meal prepping. Prepping your meals can save you a lot of money. By determining exactly what and when to eat you save lots of money because you only do the shopping you actually need for your meal plan. I use the following meal prepping goodies: containers with lids, lunch containers for snacks.

7. Disposable Grocery Bags

Most stores charge for plastic bags, which is a purchase that can add up over time. Save money on plastic grocery bags and help the planet by using your reusable grocery bags.

8. Gym Memberships

Quit your gym membership, stop hoping that you will get motivated to go to the gym one day and save money by exercising at home. I exercise at home with my own dumbbells and recumbent bike.

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9. Pre-Made Sauce

If you’re a pasta lover like me, you can save up to $5 each week by making fresh sauces and freezing them.

10. Sale Items

Buying something just because it’s on sale doesn’t save you that 35% discount, instead you spent money on things that weren’t planned at all. It’s easy to justify purchase “wants” when they’re only a few dollars here or there. But these small purchases can add up quickly and take a toll on your bank balance.

Instead of impulsively buying items you don’t really need, take a step back and ask yourself if the purchase is truly necessary. You may find that you can save a lot of money by simply avoiding unnecessary purchases altogether.

11. Brand Name Products

Too often, when purchasing brand name products you actually pay for the name and logo on the packaging and its popularity. Generic store brand products tend to be just as good. Make sure to check out the bottom shelves in the grocery store, as they usually contain the generic (more affordable!) products.

12. Cell Phone Plans

Usually, a cell phone plan that includes a phone will cost you way too much in the long run. You can save money by purchasing your phone and have a separate plan. I usually buy an iPhone every 2 or 3 years and have a sim only plan that costs me just 9 euros (9.75 USD) a month.

13. Pads and Tampons

If you’re comfortable with trying out different feminine hygiene products, you should try a menstrual cup. You spend $27 on this cup and use it for years.

Get it on Amazon for $27.50.

If you’re not comfortable with a cup, you should try out reusable cloth pads. They’re affordable, cute and help decrease your waste and carbon footprint.

Get them on Amazon for $27.50.

14. Full Price Products

Before I buy anything for full price, I make sure to check if there are any coupons online. I don’t spend time wasting searching hundreds of dubious sites. I use a free browser extension called Honey.

Honey will automatically scan for all coupons that have been used recently and submit the coupon that saves you the most money!

15. Straws

I use my stainless steel straws to prevent tooth decay and somehow when I use them I am able to drink larger amounts of water. Which is great for my health. I love using mine! Stainless steel straws are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and low-priced. Plus they are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Get them on Amazon for $5.09.

Some other tips to quit spending money:

  • Pay with cash.
  • Spend a bit more on high-quality items that last long.
  • Save money by using gift cards earned on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a simple way to earn gift cards for things you do online. You can sign up for Swagbucks here.
  • Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
  • Stick to your shopping list.
  • Make a budget. Determine how much you need to spend each month on essential expenses, such as housing, food, transportation, and healthcare. Then, allocate a certain amount of money for discretionary spending, such as entertainment, clothing, and dining out. By sticking to your budget, you’ll be less likely to overspend on non-essential items.

That’s it! Fifteen products and services that I stopped buying to save money every month.
Tell me below, which products do you no longer buy? Maybe you know something I don’t and I would love to learn.

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  1. I am a very avid fitness person and find the benefit of being at the gym is a few to exercising at home.

    1. You cant have the heavy squat racks free weights etc. Unless you have the money, which you may save on a gym membership but also the space required to set up the more complex lifting equipment.

    2. There are far too many distractions at home. At least if you goto the gym you are in an environment where everyone is focussed on working out. Well if not you have joined the wrong gym.

  2. Some great tips here. I know that ditching Starbucks and making my coffee at home in a travel mug has saved me lot of money of the past few months and not wasted paper cups. The cloth pads is also a great tip, I made my own at home and they’re super comfortable!

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