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10 Home Office Essentials to Get the Perfect Productive Work from Home Office

Are you looking for home office essentials to create a productive work from home office?

As a work-from-home graphic designer I spend a lot of time at home in front of my laptop. I LOVE working from home but I definitely didn’t know how to manage it at first. I quickly realised that my living room and couch would never give me a decent work from home routine. 

I needed a place where I could isolate myself and train my brain to recognise when it’s time to work and when it’s time to relax in the living room. I decided to treat myself to a decent work from home office.

In today’s post I will show you ten home office ideas for women that are cheap and easy and can help make your work from home office more productive and inspiring!

Aside from the obvious essentials like internet and a computer, this are my favorite home office essentials and life hacks that will make your work from home office more productive!

My home office essentials for a productive work from home office

1. An organized desk

When you’re setting up and organizing your home office, you should start with your desk. You will feel a lot more productive with your desk looking organized and pretty. You won’t feel motivated to work if your desk is a mess.

Don’t neglect your desk when you’re setting up your home office – a little time and effort can go a long way towards making it a productive space.

Here are some products you can use to organize your desk that will keep it looking stylish and cute.

1. File Storage Rack // 2. Letter Tray Desk Organizer // 3. File Organizer

2. Support Pillow

When working in front of a computer all day, it is essential to keep good posture. Sitting in the same position for hours can really hurt your back! I used to suffer from lower back pain all the time until I discovered memory foam cushions.

This memory foam cushion can be used to improve bad posture and relieves leg, hip and back pain. It works great for office chairs!

Click here to check it out

3. Paper Shredder

Even though we live in a digital world nowadays I still receive a lot of paper. I receive a lot of business mail that contains personal information. For protecting my identity and businesses, I use my shedder to give me a peace of mind.

Click here to check it out

4. Planners

To keep organized I like to use notebooks and a colorful planner. I like to have a notebook near me so I can use it whenever I feel inspired.
Make sure to grab one that organizes the way you like – days, weeks or months.

Here are my recommendations to stay organized:

5. Cute accessories and supplies

Cute home office supplies are a great way to add some personality to your work space. From fun desk accessories to colorful storage solutions, there are endless ways to make your office cute and functional.

Desk accessories are a great place to start when adding cute touches to your office. A cute paperweight or pen holder can brighten up your desk, while still being functional.

By incorporating cute and functional home office supplies, you can create a work space that is both stylish and practical.

home office essentials

1. Cute Cat Mouse Mat // 2. Rose Gold Clock // 3. Diamond Ballpoint Pens // 4. Stapler // 5. Cute Owl Succulent Pots // 6. Colored Pens

6. Wireless Mouse

I can’t live without mine! A wireless mouse reduces the clutter of wires on your desk and will increase your productivity. This mouse on Amazon is budget-friendly and has great durability.

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7. Cloud Storage + Hard Disk

To be sure you will never lose your files, it’s important to store your files in three different places. Somewhere local (like your PC), somewhere in the cloud and on a backup hard drive.

This is how I efficiently store my files:

  • I store my files locally on my MacBook Pro.
  • I use Google’s G Suite for Businesses to store my files in the cloud.
    This is, in my opinion, the best and most budget-friendly cloud option for businesses and freelancers. It only costs me about $10 a month for unlimited storage.
  • I also use my WD Elements Portable Hard Drive to store my files.

8. Wireless Headphones

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE working while listening to music or a podcast. Ever since I discovered wireless earbuds I use them ALL the time! They also work great during home workouts and cleaning.

9. Cute Mugs

I like to start my work day with a big cup of tea. I love cups and mugs with colorful patterns and cute quotes to brighten up my mood and stay hydrated. Below are some of my favorites.

I also like keeping a large water bottle near me to be sure I stay hydrated all day! The best way for me to stay hydrated is by using a big gallon water bottle. I fill it in the morning, keep it near my desk, and then drink from it using big glasses and stainless steel straws.

1 Large Coffee Mugs // 2. Stainless Steel Tumbler // 3. Cat Tea Cup // 4. Pink Cup with Tea Infuser // 5. Double Wall Tea Glass // 6. Gallon Water Bottle

10. Echo Dot

My Echo Dot smart speaker has become an essential to my work-from-home routine. The Echo Dot is compact and budget-friendly. It’s a convenient tool for setting reminders, alarms and receiving news updates. I use the assistant for playing music, turning on my lights, controlling smart home devices and more. I love how it keeps me connected to the outside world when I work from home.

What products do you absolutely need in your home office? Comment your favorite home office essentials below and let me know!

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