15 Easy Ways to Save Money Daily – Start Living Frugal

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Willing to adjust to some habits to break that endless cycle? In this post I will show you 15 easy ways to save money daily and help you to start living frugal.


01. Save money by using coupons

I recently saved $15 on my brand new iPhone by using Honey! It’s not much but hey – it’s $15 extra I get to keep in my savings account.

Honey is a browser extension and iPhone app that fills in all possible coupon codes for you at checkout. Instead of having to search through a lot of websites, Honey checks all the available codes for you. I always make sure to check Honey whenever I buy something online.

Honey will automatically scan for all coupons that have been used recently and submit the coupon that saves you the most money! You can also submit your own discovered coupon codes to share with other users.

02. Start planning your meals

Planning your meals can save you a lot of money. By determining exactly what and when to eat you save lots of money because you only do the shopping you actually need for your meal plan. Meanwhile you will also throw away less food, which in addition is good for the environment.

Aside from meal planner printables, I also recommend some meal prepping goodies. Like containers with lids and an instant pot to quickly prep your meals.

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15 Money Saving Habits to save money

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03. Set a grocery budget

To motivate yourself and start planning your meals, you can keep a grocery shopping budget. Set a budget of, for example, $60 a week and make it a game not to spend more. The money you’ve saved you put in a jar to buy yourself something nice.

04. Use energy-saving lamps

To save on electricity consumption, use LED bulbs and reduce your energy budget. LEDs consume 75% less energy and may last for decades.

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05. Buy less bottled water

I am blessed to live in a country with excellent water quality. If you are not, you can buy a water filter. I use my awesome insulated water bottle every single day.

Make sure to buy one that can contain ice cold and hot water. I love drinking my tea hot from the bottle.

By no longer buying plastic water bottles you will also help to reduce the plastic garbage dump. It will also help you to drink more water daily.

06. Save money on haircuts

One of my biggest money saving habits of 2019 is cutting my own hair. This directly saves me around $100 a year. But if you don’t dare do it yourself, you can ask your husband or family member to cut your hair. I use this cutting method and this pair of scissors to cut my own wavy thick hair.

07. Repair and reuse what you can

In a society where we always want the latest products, it is important to consider whether that is really necessary. If your product is not broken yet or is easy to fix, consider whether fixing it is cheaper than buying a new product.

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08. Bring your own (meal prepped) lunch to work

Forget about the classic dirty brown bags – you can look stylish by using the containers with lids I earlier mentioned and start taking your meal prepped lunches to work. Bringing lunch to work could save you at least $100 a month.

Not enough time to actually cook and prep lunch? Make enough dinner so you can take your leftovers to work the next day. Use lunch containers to take your lunches with you in style.

09. Shop at thrift stores

Many items can be found that are brand new but at a fraction of the cost of new.
For example, I recently found a photo frame at my local thrift store (which is actually still being sold in its original stores) with an 80% discount! Caching!

10. Bring your own grocery bags

Save money on plastic grocery bags and help save the planet by using your own reusable grocery bags.

11. Spend money on high-quality items

Spend a little more money on things you actually want. Spending more on a quality item that will last long is better than rebuying multiple cheap items.

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12. End memberships you don’t use

With all the subscriptions available nowadays, it is tempting to try out several. But if you only watch Netflix every weekend and never ever use your cable TV subscription it is a lot cheaper to cancel it. I encourage you to make a list of all your subscriptions and cancel the ones you barely use.

13. Make your coffee at home

In addition to taking your lunches to work, you should also quit spending money on coffee shops. You can easily make your own coffee with a coffee machine and a leak proof travel mug.

14. Carry cash when shopping

Along with setting up a shopping budget, it can also help to pay with cash in stores. This way you can never overspend. Stick to your set grocery budget and only use the money you actually need to buy your groceries. With cash you know exactly what you have to spend.

15. Cancel your gym membership

Cancel your gym membership. Buy some weights, learn how to exercise at home and start running outside or buy a mini exercise bike you can use while watching TV.

15 Money Saving Habits to save money

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