Working from Home Tips for Success

Working from home seems like the ideal situation for some people. But when you don’t know how to stay productive from home, it can definitely feel scary at first. When you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, due to coronavirus or because you just found a remote job, you probably don’t have a set routine yet.

Working from home can feel lonely and it’s easy to get overworked. That’s why I wrote down my working from home tips for success.

I’ve been working from home for about a year now and have found a routine that works for me. So, here are work from home tips and tricks for a more productive work from home life, based on my experiences.

My Work from Home Tips and Tricks to Be More Productive

1. Stick to a Routine

To start your day right and stay focused, you should stick to a work routine. With your phone and laptop around you all the time it’s easy to just stay online (and at work!) 24/7. Wake up at the same time every day, have lunch breaks around the same time and stop working when you normally should.

  • Wake up at the same time every day.
  • Shower and get dressed.
  • Have breakfast.

2. Get Dressed

Trick your mind by getting dressed. You will psychologically feel more prepared when you get out of your pyjamas. Comfortable shoes and t-shirts are just fine, getting out of your pyjamas will help you keep sense of work versus relax time.

3. Create an Efficient Work Space

To stay focused it’s important to separate your work and living space. Having a quiet and organized space can make working from home a lot easier.

Your work space doesn’t have to be a separate room if you don’t have a spare one. A small desk in the corner of your living room or your laptop on the kitchen table can be just fine as long as it is a space designated for work. If you have the space, you should invest in a comfy ergonomic chair and a no-assembly desk to help you create an organized work space easily.

You can read more tips and tricks for an organized work space in this blog post.

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More Working from Home tips for Success

4. Avoid Overworking: Plan Your Day

It’s important to stick to your work hours even when you’re working from home. To stay on schedule, plan what and when you will do your tasks of the day. This will also help you prevent getting burned out.

Make to-do lists and be sure to plan in your lunch break and breaks from your computer screen.
I prefer to write down my tasks on actual paper in my cute notebook and then plan them on www.todoist.com. Being able to check off completed tasks gives me a great sense of achievement at the end of the day.

5. Take Breaks

Treat working from home like you would an office. In a traditional office you won’t work for 8 hours straight. You head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, walk to your co-workers desk for a chat. Allow yourself to do the same at home. Take some way-from-your-computer breaks.

Treat working from home like you would an office. Make sure to plan enough breaks so you won’t feel burned out.

6. Leave Home

To prevent feeling lonely I make sure to leave my house at least once a day. Whether it is to walk your dog or just take a jog, make sure to get some fresh air daily. Your body will love the movement and the fresh air will do you good.

7. Watch Your Diet

When you’re working from home for the first time it’s really easy to eat too much or forgetting to eat at all. When I first started working from home, I gained about 33 pounds! That’s why I started planning my meals in my daily to-do schedule. Plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also prepare healthy snacks in the morning which I put in a snack container.

8. Eliminate Distractions

Working from home comes with several distractions. This are the distractions I used to face and how I tackle them:

  • When working from home it’s important that the people around you know that you’re not available for chats or random errands. You have to be clear with your boundaries and stick to your schedule.
  • Turn off the noise around you, if that’s what distracts you. I personally prefer working with some upbeat music or a vlog/video on. You can also invest in noise cancelling headphones.

9. Socialize

Even though I’m a huge introvert, I can still feel lonely sometimes when working on my own all day. To stay connected to the outside world I stay connected to my friends during my breaks and after work. I also love to listen podcasts using my Echo Dot – so I still feel like someone is talking to me, oops.

working from home tips for success

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That’s it! My work-from-home tips and tricks to stay productive, motivated and healthy. Let me know in the comments how you stay productive throughout your work-from-home days!

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